Invoice Template

Invoice Template

Sample Invoice
Download sample invoice in PDF format
Invoice is an official document that send by a seller to buyer to indicate the products or services, quantities and the agreed pricing for products or services and the seller will need to pay the buyer according to the payment terms and payment type.

Invoice is not only as a billing document but it's also represent the company in terms of professionalism. A proper or professional invoice template will helps to build a good company image.

Information should be included in the standard invoice
  1. A word Invoice
  2. Invoice reference number
  3. Invoice date
  4. Seller business/company name and registration reference number
  5. Seller business/company logo
  6. Seller business/company address
  7. Seller business/company website
  8. Seller business/company contact like phone, fax and email
  9. Buyer business/company name
  10. Buyer business/company billing address and contact
  11. Buyer business/company shipping address and contact
  12. Order details like product/services name, code and description, quantity, unit/cost, unit of measurement (UOM), discount, tax and cost
  13. Taxes information
  14. Payment terms and shipping terms
  15. Note and etc

Sample invoice created using invoice template in Xin Inventory

invoice template
Sample Invoice 1
Download sample invoice in PDF format
invoice template
Sample Invoice 2
Download Sample invoice in PDF format

invoice template
Sample Invoice 3
Download Sample invoice in PDF format

Sample Invoice 4
Download sample invoice in PDF format

Invoice template customization 

Xin Inventory come with 14 professional invoice template to suit user needs. If user need to have special layout invoice, user can use template editor to edit the invoice template.

invoice template editor
Template Editor

If user think that it's difficult for them to use the editor, user can contact Xin Cube support personnel to request template customization service. The customization service will charge a small amount depend on the complexity of the template.